Since the introduction of the Eurovac Mark I, leading Body Shops have enjoyed all the benefits of dust-free working conditions ... and saved money at the same time!

You don't have to work in a dusty shop! Install a Eurovac Dust Extraction System, and its powerful turbine pump and cyclone will remove virtually all sanding dust at the source, ensuring that your shop maintains a clean, healthy work environment.

You'll reduce the chance of dust contaminating your painting area, and cut the time and expense of labor spent on clean-up. And because sandpaper is kept free from dust, it lasts longer – and that's another saving!

To meet the diverse needs of the Auto Collision & Repair industry, Eurovac has a solution for virtually every application and budget. From an economical Portable System to a powerful 75HP Eurovac III Central System.

Eurovac II

The Eurovac II Sanding Portable is designed for operation by two technicians using Orbital Sanders at the same time. This Eurovac portable features a powerful 2.5HP, 1440 watt motor that produces significantly more suction than other portables on the market. As well, the combination of a cyclone, plus a cartridge filter, adds up to superior filtration – and means that the unit continually operates at maximum efficiency. The primary cyclonic filtration removes 85% of sanding dust before it reaches the secondary cartridge filter. This results in a longer life and less cleaning required for the cartridge filter. The super-efficient filtration system was specially designed for vacuum sanding.

The unit turns on and off automatically when tools are activated or deactivated ... maximizing the operating life of the Eurovac II Sanding Portable's motor.

Eurovac III - Centrifugal Multi Stage Pump System


Ideal for shops with more than six technicians sanding at the same time. Featuring 15HP to 75HP centrifugal multi-stage pumps, these powerful systems are custom-engineered according to the length of run, the type of tools being used, and the number of technicians required to use the system at the same time.
A key advantage of multi-stage pumps is that they supply a constant vacuum – as additional technicians are added to the system. The Eurovac III pump's "fabricated" design is more durable and efficient than competitors' pumps ... which consist of sections held together with tierods.

The separator includes primary cyclonic separation and secondary cartridge filters with automatic on-line (while the system is running) and off-line (after the system is shut down) compressed air reverse PulseJet cleaning.

Eurovac III industrial-grade systems are extremely reliable – with little or no maintenance required.

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